Types of Piracy on the Internet

Software piracy is a very huge problem that is affecting both software companies and the common user. It causes millions of dollars in losses and also degrades the quality of software, spreads malicious programs and spyware. Piracy is not just restricted to software–it is a much larger problem affecting the music and entertainment industry as well.

In the recent years, the Internet has benefited from increased network capacities and connectivity. On the minus side, it has boosted unauthorized copying and sharing of software a lot. Click through the up coming article: hack whatsapp online

Here are some types of software piracy:

OEM Unbundling: OEM stands for “original equipment manufacturer” i.e. companies like Dell, Acer, etc. which manufacture computers. Software companies have direct licensing agreements with these companies and provide them a special version of the software. This software is licensed in such a way that it be used only on the computer on which it came installed. Using it on other computers is unauthorized. OEM unbundling is removing the software or making copies of it and using it on other computers. Operating systems like Microsoft Windows are usually pirated by using this method.

Softlifting: Softlifting means using software on different computers using a single personal key. Software come with a licensing key for validation. In many software a single key can be used to install many copies. Softlifting is controlled by using online activation. For example, software like Microsoft Windows and Adobe Photoshop keep online or telephone activation and thus are a little difficult to illegally distribute.

Most software are illegally spread through peer to peer networks and file sharing websites. Peer to peer networks were initially designed to share legal open source software to reduce bandwidth costs. However, these days most of the files that are shared by using peer to peer networks are illegal. These networks are also used to share illegal mp3 files and movie rips. Continue reading this: hack whatsapp online

File sharing websites are also becoming more common these days. Years back, bandwidth was very costly and thus it was not possible to share large files via file sharing websites. These days, however, bandwidth is not so costly and thus there are file sharing sites that offer file sized of even 1 GB to be shared for free. Some of the most popular file sharing sites include RapidShare.com, MegaUpload.com and DepositFiles.com.

Software piracy has many ill effects on the software industry. It causes direct losses to the companies which in turn affects the quality of software. Software piracy needs to kept under check at any cost. User awareness is a very good solution to this problem.


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