Spy Software – Top 5 Mobile Spy App for Cell Phone

Are you concerned with the safety of your teen kid? Then, you are not alone many parents with teen kids have this concern. Do you wish to ensure the safety of your teen daughter without intruding too much into her life? Spy software can help you in this regard. With such an app on her phone, you can get to know her whereabouts, to whom she talks and from and to whom she sends text messages, multimedia files, etc. Even, you can get to know the sites that she visits on her smartphone.

Select from the best applications:

As you are looking to shop for the best spy phone app, you should choose one among the top 5 options available in the market. Let us explore the top such options here:

1. Copy9:

This app in addition to helping you with monitoring the mobile phone activities of your daughter . It is one of the most security and safety tools for parents with teen children. It is one of the most advanced and customized applications with different track options. The affordability and the best set of features make this mobile spy the best choice. You can get customer support from Copy9 over the phone, email and also live chat.

2. Highester Mobile:

This app is highly popular not just among parents, but also among employers to keep track of their employees. It is easy to install, run and also it is a powerful application. It comes with an excellent set of tracking features that even the most advanced users will find to be highly useful. If you look for efficient monitoring, you can confidently opt for this application.

3. 9SpyApps:

With this application, you can track all the mobile activities and communications of your daughter. Even though the worthy set of features makes it a costly app, the app is actually available at an affordable cost. As compared to the features the cost is actually affordable. You will feel this when you view the demo of this application before opting to buy it.

4. TheTruthSpy:

This app is available both for Android and iPhone. With this app, you can spy on Calls, SMS, MMS, and Emails. You can also track the GPS location of your daughter to make sure that she is in the tuition class and not in her friend’s home. With this app on your daughter’s phone, you can get to know the websites that she visits. Also, you can view her conversations on instant messaging services. Support is provided to the customers by theTruthSpy through a ticket system and contact form.

5. MxSpy:

This app is available in different versions suitable for iOS, Android, Symbian, Nokia and BlackBerry phones. You can gain access to the calendar of events of your daughter and her address book. When you get to see her address book, you can stay confident that she has associations only with good people. She should never be deceived by others and you should be highly careful being the parent of the teenage girl. Of course, with this app, you can view her browsing history, messages, calls, social media chats and many other activities of your daughter on her smartphone.


When you select a spy app, you should look for certain features like invisible functioning on the background, GPS technology to know the whereabouts of your daughter. In addition, it is better to check whether you can remotely access the settings on the target phone, such that you can block your daughter from visiting unwanted websites. This feature will also help you from stopping her from gaining access to unwanted applications.